Critical Care

Our purpose

For critically ill patients, the right care at the right time can make all the difference. Through our on-site and telemedicine programs, we connect patients with fellowship-trained physicians who ensure the highest standard of care.

Our practice

Our critical care practice is rooted in the strong leadership of our board-certified intensivists and the clinical excellence we demonstrate as empowered, collaborative teams. We understand the ever-changing nature of hospitals and healthcare and are leaders in identifying the best clinical interventions for consistent care and results. An essential part of our practice is providing and extending critical care through our telemedicine intensive care program. We realize not every hospital has the need or resources to provide this kind of round-the-clock care. Our program solves for that with 24/7 access for patients, coast to coast.

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We embrace autonomy and flexibility to practice in ways that benefit the communities we serve. And as part of our commitment to consistency, we engage in five key protocols we call the Sound Critical Care Top Five — multidisciplinary rounds, practice guidelines, action plans, team huddles, and ongoing communication — which keep us in lockstep with each other, our partners, and, most importantly, our patients.

As natural collaborators, we engage across departments in the hospital, looking for ways to better support our patients as they transition into and out of the ICU. And within our programs, we find integration — with our hospital and emergency medicine partners — yields stronger patient satisfaction.

Our promise is to bring better to the bedside. Better ideas, better approaches, better care. Whether we’re focused on saving someone’s life, sitting with them in their last moments, or honoring the people we’ve lost through our celebration of life ceremony, patients are at the center of everything we do, inspiring us to be better.


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What our leaders say

“When you have best-in-class care in the ICU, surgeons, specialists, and primary care providers trust their patients will be in good hands at your hospital. Our leaders understand the ICU is a critical gateway to a successful hospital, and we focus on bringing the best care in support of your hospital’s mission and goals.”

Steve Matchett, MD

CEO, Critical Care

Our performance

As fellowship-trained intensivists, we continuously calibrate our approach to stay in sync with each other and our partners — from understanding the problem to implementing worthwhile, lasting solutions. Through collaboration across the entire acute-care ecosystem, we’re able to elevate the overall quality of care as well as serve as a catalyst for change. With our depth of experience and the ability to anticipate challenges, we engage our full complement of skills, identifying opportunities for improvement, charting progress with our in-house technology platforms SoundConnect and SoundMetrix, and offering a more seamless patient experience.

Here’s what to expect from our critical care program:

  • 0.3- to 0.6-day reduction in ICU length of stay
  • 60- to 90-minute decrease in emergency department length of stay for ICU patients
  • 0.5- to a 1.0-day reduction in ventilator days
  • 20 percent increase in nursing satisfaction

Our Critical Care Top Five guides our results:

  • Intensivist-led rounds that align our teams with patients and their families and ensure the same level of care across all critical care units
  • Hospital-specific practice guidelines to monitor and evaluate intensivist quality
  • Continuous improvement through regular review of outcomes and action plans
  • Daily team huddles and bi-monthly intensivist task forces
  • Ongoing cross-communication for better understanding and adjustment

What our leaders say

“Clinical excellence is everything in the ICU, and it’s more than evidence-based practices. High-performing ICU teams use intensivist-led multidisciplinary rounds and team meetings to collaborate with the medical staff and measure the metrics that support favorable patient outcomes. We do this without exception, and we achieve exceptional results.”

Sergio Zanotti, MD, FCCM

Chief Medical Officer, Critical Care

Our people

What matters to us is caring for patients — and having a team that shares our values and conviction to be better. This is reflected in how we work, every day, as a team — with mutual respect, trust, and a genuine spirit of collaboration. Here, every voice matters, and every insight helps us grow as clinicians and humans.

We enjoy the best of both worlds — the ability to practice critical care at the community level while drawing on the collective strength and wisdom of our national presence. We embrace autonomy within our practice and have a path to professional growth — along with the development tools and resources to help us get there. We champion diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels. And we benefit from deeply engaged leaders who care as much about patients as we do.

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Our partners

We partner across the country with teaching hospitals, micro-hospitals, and critical access hospitals, as well as acute care centers and post-acute providers.

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