Our purpose

Our collaborative teams of anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists are committed to patient comfort and safety with protocols focused on relieving pain, improving recovery, and mitigating cost.

Our practice

Our anesthesia practice is rooted in strong physician leadership, a collaborative model of care, and clinical excellence. We’re a blended team of fellowship-trained anesthesiologists and accomplished CRNAs who recognize and appreciate each other’s expertise and work in tandem to give our patients a better experience when they’re with us. Our comprehensive perioperative evaluations result in improved scheduling, reduced cancellations, and increased throughput. We know how to maximize operating room time and improve block booking, allowing us to create more efficient and effective surgical workflows and ultimately improve care for our patients.

Our well-calibrated care team model allows us to be nimble when responding to the vulnerabilities of day-to-day demand and bring to bear the full complement of our skills when facing complex cases. Collectively, we embrace a common pathway for treating patients while also recognizing the need for autonomy and flexibility to practice in ways that benefit the communities we serve.

Our promise is to bring better to the bedside. Better ideas, better approaches, better care. Whether we’re focused on helping someone ease into anesthesia or relieve their pain after surgery, patients are at the center of everything we do, inspiring us to be better.


Anesthesiologists and CRNAs


Anesthesia programs nationwide

Our performance

Everything we do in the emergency department is about patient experience and throughput. Our dedicated clinical and operational workflows track our performance, create transparency, and help improve results around door-to-provider time, patients leaving without treatment, and length of stay. And as natural collaborators, we cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with departments, ensuring warm handoffs within and smooth transitions out of the hospital.

As an outgrowth of our collaborative nature, our integrated programs — both with hospital medicine and critical care — demonstrate significant improvements in patient experience scores as well as decreased length of stay.

We’re experts at seamless transitions with significant improvements. Within the first 180 days, we typically see:

  • 8 percent decrease in door-to-provider time
  • 16 percent decrease in left before treatment complete
  • 5 percent decrease in discharge length of stay
  • 3 percent increase in patient satisfaction

How we do it:

  • Expert clinical and operational process design
  • Hospital and health plan interfaces
  • Performance management rigor
  • Operating and outcomes data for transparency and accountability

What our leaders say

“We embrace the responsibility of managing the full perioperative experience. We’re committed to a patient-centered approach that focuses on safety, comfort, and cost-effectiveness for patients, hospitals, and surgical centers. By collaborating with surgeons and proceduralists, we develop highly efficient processes that are key to achieving exceptional performance in today’s challenging healthcare environment.”

David Leachman, MD, FASA, FACHE

Chief Executive Officer, Anesthesia

Our people

What matters to us is caring for patients — and having a team that shares our values and conviction to be better. This is reflected in how we work, every day, as a blended anesthesiology team — with mutual respect, trust, and a genuine spirit of collaboration. Here, every voice matters, and every insight helps us grow as clinicians and humans.

We enjoy the best of both worlds — the ability to practice anesthesia at the community level while drawing on the collective wisdom of our national presence. We embrace autonomy and a path to professional growth — along with the development tools and resources to help us get there. We champion diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels. And we benefit from deeply engaged leaders who care as much about patients as we do.

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Our partners

We partner across the country with teaching hospitals, micro-hospitals, and critical access hospitals, as well as acute care centers and ambulatory surgery centers. We provide anesthesia services for patients receiving care in pediatrics, orthopedics, cardiology, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and for ear, nose, and throat.

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