Nocturnist Emergency Medicine Physician – Hobbs, NM

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Nocturnist Emergency Medicine Physician – Hobbs, NM

To our prospective teammates,

I am the medical director for Sound’s emergency medicine practice at Covenant Hobbs Hospital System in Hobbs, New Mexico. I have proudly been a part of the team for two years. I welcome interest from physicians coming out of training or looking to make a career change. I’d like to share more about who we are and what we do — specifically about our people, practice, and purpose — as you consider your options:

  • Our physicians are from all over the country, reflecting the unique environment where they willingly fly in monthly.
  • Our emergency department provides single doctor coverage with an APP from 11 am to 11 pm. These independent, hardworking, and efficient APPs allow doctors to focus on more complex cases.
  • Patients here are generally gracious and appreciative of their care, allowing them to exercise clinical skills and creative decision-making without extensive backup. It’s a chance to learn flexibility and different approaches while serving an underserved population.
  • Experience a unique corner of the country, offering medical aid to the underserved while enjoying competitive pay, accruing travel perks, and building top status in hotel and airline rewards.
  • Join a fantastic team of emergency and hospital medicine colleagues, providing an excellent variety of pathology.
  • As the emergency department liaison, I ensure seamless coordination between various departments–lab, pharmacy, radiology, nursing, CEO, and CNO–allowing you to focus on your clinical role.
  • I regularly write informative monthly emails for the group, keeping everyone updated on the ED’s current happenings.
  • Cultivating a learning culture is a top priority. Using a secure chat platform, I actively encourage providers to share insights on bouncebacks, missed cases, or interesting scenarios.
  • Join our dynamic team in a new hospital with 60 beds and 12 ED beds in an open ICU setting. We’re striving for Level 3 certification, handling an annual volume of 16,651 ED visits. The schedule includes 24-hour coverage, fast-track options, and utilization of EPIC EMR.
  • We admit with bridge orders, encounter 1-2 floor codes monthly, and offer initial radiology reads. The facility has CT/Ultra Heli services and handles transfers through the Covenant Transfer Center.
  • We welcome physicians without EM board certification or residency, accepting those with BC in FM or BC IM w/ ATLS. The new hospital will include dedicated psych and GYN rooms, serving a pediatric population of 10-20%.
  • Compensation is $295/hour with a minimum of 120 hours monthly for full-time 1099 status, including reimbursement for travel and lodging and professional liability insurance with tail coverage.
  • Our manageable patient volumes ensure a low-stress environment and offer opportunities to increase earnings without overwhelming pressure. We prioritize leaving on time and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • Emphasizing proper, careful, and safe patient treatment is our focus, alleviating concerns about metrics and reducing the risk of malpractice over time.
  • With 12-hour shifts that benefit you financially and provide more vacation time, although not trauma-certified, being the largest ED in a two-hour radius means most traumas still pass through us. Additionally, our surrounding area features an impressive gym at the CORE, a draw for many physicians outside of the ER.
  • Patient care is our top priority.
  • At Sound, a strong emphasis on growth and development enables our team members to expand their careers locally and within the broader medical group.
  • Our community-oriented team values contributions inside and outside the hospital, actively supporting and encouraging team members to help our local community thrive.
  • Our patient demographic consists mainly of hardworking, honest, blue-collar individuals enduring demanding days in the oil fields. They typically exhibit classic Southern politeness and genuinely appreciate the care provided.
  • While not mandatory, being comfortable with Spanish can significantly enhance efficiency, as 25-30% of our patients speak only Spanish. However, our fluent staff and translator line are readily available to provide support.
  • Working here requires adaptability to a lack of specialists and resources due to the rural setting, offering unique advantages. It fosters flexibility, providing the opportunity for greater autonomy in your practice.
  • Doctors work multiple consecutive shifts, allowing for extended free time and granting long vacations for a significant portion of the month.

Hobbs, New Mexico, offers a vibrant community with a growing economy primarily centered around the oil and gas industry. The city provides affordable living costs, a range of recreational activities, and a strong sense of community, making it an appealing place for those seeking a lower cost of living and a friendly atmosphere.

Want to learn more about this opportunity? Reach out to my recruiting partner, who will put you in touch with me.

Dr. Long Nguyen
Emergency Medical Director

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