Emergency Medicine Physician – Aiken, SC

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Emergency Medicine Physician – Aiken, SC

To prospective physician teammates,

I serve as the medical director for Sound’s emergency medicine (EM) practice at Aiken Regional Medical Center in Aiken, South Carolina, a role I’ve held for two and a half years. We take pride in the EM program we’ve established across two sites and are open to discussions with newly trained physicians or those who are seeking a change in their career path. I’d be delighted to provide more details, particularly about our people, practice, and purpose, as you contemplate your options:

  • We’re a friendly and cohesive team, consisting of 16 physicians and 9 advanced practice providers (APPs).
  • Our team encompasses a broad spectrum of expertise, ranging from newly trained residents to individuals with decades of experience.
  • Several of us actively participate in hospital committees, including credentials, medical executive, sepsis, peer review, and citizenship committees. This involvement plays a significant role in strengthening our connections with specialists and the supportive administration.
  • We cover Aiken Regional Medical Center’s 30-bed emergency department and a 10-bed free-standing emergency department in North Augusta, Georgia. We manage all aspects of community emergency medicine. You can expect collaborative on-shift interaction with colleagues and consultants.
  • Aiken Regional is a 273-bed community hospital and is a certified chest pain and stroke center. We have 43K annual visits, 39 hours of daily physician coverage, and 30 hours of APP coverage per day.
  • The ER at Sweetwater is a newly built 10-bed free-standing emergency department. We have 23K annual visits, 24 hours of physician coverage, and 12 hours of APP coverage per day.
  • Our physicians are independent contractors, full-time commitment is 120 hours per month.
  • For those who like to teach, we work with APP students as well as internal and family medicine residents.
  • We put patients first. Always.
  • Sound’s practices are characterized by a strong emphasis on personal and professional growth, providing our team members with opportunities for local and broader career advancement within the medical group.
  • As a community-oriented team, we actively support and encourage our members who wish to make meaningful contributions both within and outside the hospital, fostering a thriving local community.

Many are drawn to Aiken, South Carolina for its charming southern hospitality, vibrant equestrian culture, and picturesque landscapes. The city offers a relaxed pace of life and a strong sense of community, making it an appealing destination for those seeking a tranquil yet engaging environment.

To learn more please reach out to my recruiting partner, Caroline McLean, who will put you in touch with me.

Steven Currier, MD

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