Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) – Up to $50k Sign On Bonus – Dayton, OH

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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) – Up to $50k Sign On Bonus – Dayton, OH

To our prospective teammates,

I’m the Chief CRNA I worked for the hospital for several years before we became part of Sound, then grew into a leadership role here once joining Sound Anesthesia. I’m proud of the anesthesia practice we’ve built and welcome interest from CRNAs coming out of training or looking to make a career change. Let me tell you a bit more about our team and the work we do – specifically about our people, practice, and purpose – as you consider your options:

  • We have a highly collaborative team of skilled CRNAs and MDs. Everyone on our team has a unique set of strengths and all are willing to learn from and teach others where necessary. This is true for the MDs and the CRNAs. The greater the skillset among everyone, the better service we can provide.
  • We like to allow our providers the freedom to practice in their unique way. There are many ways to deliver anesthesia care, and this allows us all to learn new things from each other. We also value clinically competent team members, focused on helping the other members of their team, and who understand the necessity of pushing for the success of the facility that allows us to care for their patients.
  • Our team is very focused on helping each other. We take time to help each other out whenever we’re able. The focus on a family-like atmosphere of lending a hand is very prominent here.
  • Our team is involved in a variety of initiatives across the hospital. Some of our team sit on the APP Credentialing Committee, the CQRC committee, and a committee that aims to improve efficiency and appropriate resources within our ORs. Others are involved in the PGSC committee and provide feedback for RCAs.
  • Our CRNA leaders are also involved with policy-making decisions with management, directors, and executive administrators for all 3 of our facilities.
  • Our team is involved in the local community by participating in events like sponsoring an ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia symposium and volunteering to teach advanced life-saving skills at a local college.
  • We provide a lot of autonomy to CRNAs in clinical and administrative roles.
  • CRNAs have a prominent role in the flow of the day here as a CRNA coordinates our resources daily.
  • Our leaders have a heavy role in administrative duties but still provide care alongside the staff.
  • CRNAs and physicians often teach and learn from each other.
  • We have a heavy presence of CRNA leadership who give us a seat at the table to develop administrative and clinical policies and procedures. Our medical director is also very CRNA-friendly and our CRNA leadership is involved in decision-making with them.
  • We have team lead CRNAs in vascular, neuro, OB, and regional anesthesia. We also have a chief CRNA, two vice-chief CRNAs, and a regional CRNA director based out of our facility. This gives our staff a large support network for anything they may need, whether clinical, administrative, or personal.
  • We handle a wide variety of cases. We do everything from bread-and-butter cases, all the way up to very challenging neuro and vascular cases, with almost anything in between.
  • We require BLS & ACLS certifications. We also value CRNAs skilled in IV, central line, and arterial line access, as well as those with experience with neuraxial anesthesia and ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia.
  • We put patients first. Always.
  • We value and support growth and development in our anesthesia practice, allowing you to explore new opportunities locally and within the broader medical group.
  • We’re a community-minded team and support involvement and contributions to community health and wellness in and out of the hospital.
  • Want to learn more about this opportunity? Reach out to my recruiting partner, who will put you in touch with me.

Jason Griffin,
CRNA Director

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