Work with the industry’s most knowledgeable in-house immigration specialists. Our Immigration Team assists physicians throughout the immigration process. We sponsor physicians on a J-1 Visa Waivers and non-immigrant H-1B Visas. And, we will also assist in the renewal of your H-1B Visa. 


Common Questions (and answers) about the immigration support Sound provides: 

Q: I require a J-1 Visa waiver. Who applies for the sponsorship?

A: Our Immigration Service Team will apply for your Visa waiver sponsorship.

Q: I require an H-1B Visa. Who files for this Visa?

A: Our Immigration Team will file your H-1B Visa.

Q: When do you file the Green Card application?

A: Sound will apply for your Green Card (also known as Adjustment of Status) as you start your clinical work with Sound Physicians.

Q: What Visa fees does Sound Physicians cover?

A: Sound Physicians will pay for all required filing fees.